War Thunder looks a lot like WOT | VideoGG

Posted: 8/14/2018 - 0 comment(s) [ Comment ]

On the surface,War Thunder looks a lot like WOT.Assorted nations,a bar with War Thunder Golden Eagles  planes,and afterwards tanks absolute agnate controls,the tech timberline and catchbasin upgrades at aboriginal assume absolute close,you accept an in-game bill you can buy with absolute money and one you acquire in-game,and in this way,War Thunder has added options that could be beheld as pay to play than WOT.


Specifically,you can just max your crew's abilities with absolute cash,if you were accommodating to bead a fair block of money on the game.This is an advantage in the car eyewitness and WOT has annihilation like it.


It shows,in a somewhat all-encompassing way with the component,breadth aggregate important central the catchbasin is located.The crew,the gun,the optics,the turret ring and drive and chiral and final drives are all apparent in about the appropriate places,admitting they do not consistently get it right,it's still a absolute nice feature.In a adventurous if killed,it shows the attack hitting your catchbasin afresh what it takes out central if anything.

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