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 "Operation Archangel" is the mission on offer,introducing "Rainbow Six Siege's" changeable Operators Valkyrie,Twitch,and Caveira.Valkyrie is a U.S.Navy Seal who utilizes surveillance footage to accumulate important intel on her enemies,while Twitch is best with drones.Caveira is an interrogator from Brazil's BOPE organization,and she's gone missing.


Valkyrie enlists a acquaintance to R6 Credits  advice bulk out Caveira's endure accepted location,and the aisle leads them all the way beyond Bolivia,advertent new truths about Caveira alternating the way.

Completing "Operation Archangel" avant-garde of Aug.14 will net players Caveira's gloves,which allows for Ghost agents to accomplish Caveira's adapted appraisal as apparent in "Rainbow Six Siege." It allows players to see the breadth of all enemies aural a assertive advance in-game.You aswell get the Rainbow Six Gear Backpack if this amend goes live,which offers the HK 416 advance burglarize and Caveira's Luison handgun.Valkyrie and Twitch-themed cosmetics are aswell up for grabs.
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