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 If there may be one issue that frustrates me more than some thing in Rocket League,it is whilst my teammates don't know while to rocket league trading no longer hit the ball.There's not anything worse than having a extremely good shot lined up,handiest for a teammate to weakly dink the ball out of my path because they may.I'm a bit concerned that incentivising touching the ball ought to lead to an growth on this behavior at lower ranks,stunting gamers' improvement as they research horrific conduct.It may also result in an growth in ball chasing in fashionable,for obvious reasons.

Ideally,the XP won from ball hits could be hidden in some other score,maybe delivered to gamers' average score XP at the end of a healthy as opposed to an "XP received from ball hits" line object.This could with any luck keep away from encouraging gamers to try hitting the ball as a great deal as they could.
Rocket League will get hold of an update to its stage progression machine on August 29th,with the an awful lot-awaited Rocket Pass following a week later.Psyonix clued us in on the approaching adjustments to stage progression in Rocket League with May's Summer Roadmap statement,but the new "Clubs" feature is a total surprise.
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